Style for me is about confidence, whether elegant or grunge,  punk or monochromatic sleek, confidence is the defining factor when it comes to personal style.  Mine has evolved, I always like to keep it classic and mix in some elements of the unexpected. We tend to think as men we don't have options but everything from neckwear to eyeglasses and even our hair style can be modified to create a new look or a signature style.

Some of my tips for developing your style:

  • Take risks - mix in color with your black and khaki with funky socks or fun pair of spectacles
  • Less is more - a little bit of something fun is all you need to make a statement
  • Guys should not wear skinny jeans
  • Our bodies change so FIT, FIT, FIT is key!  If you're squeezing into it or drowning in it, it's not the right size for you.
  • Find a tailor - we're not all off the rack models so having something tailored to your body type will ensure everything you wear fits you at its best
  • Stick with the classics - when all else fails a nice pair of jeans, white oxford, blazer and nice shoes is a good look on any guy

One question I ALWAYS get.... How to tie a bow tie?  Here's a quick tutorial, from my friends at Zegna


One of the great things about Stovetop to Bowtie is that element of fun.  I didn't always have a sense of style, I didn't even know what style really meant, but I've discovered that the older I get, the more of a sense of style I develop and the more fun I have with it.  I've also discovered that what I used to consider STYLE - what I saw on TV or in the magazines - really wasn't style, it wasn't fashion... it was fad.

It was as a result of my first job in the advertising world, that I was forced to truly create a sense of style for myself and to identify what that meant. Now I know that it may seem like a first world issue in comparison to all the things out there, but the ability to feel good about how you present yourself can truly have an impact on many areas of your life.  Just like exercise and nutrition help you feel good on the inside, creating an identity through personal style can define your sense of self and sometimes boost your self image.