The loafer - I think should be a staple for all men. If you can have it in black and brown then great otherwise I recommend brown slip on loafer.  This is a very versatile shoe, it can dress up a pair of jeans or khakis, paired with a sport coat or sweater you've literally transformed yourself.

The Wingtip - this is probably one of the most classic shoes that simply never goes out of style. It can really add a bit of flavour to an ordinary suit and looks great with both modern and classic cuts and black would be recommended

The boot - Well this is a matter of taste, but I think a leather stitched boot is always fun, always classy, and never goes out of style just make sure it's not a rubber soul and lace-ups are a more timeless look.

One thing I do emphasize is take care of your shoes. Shoe tress help maintain their shape and reduce cracking, nothing wrong with a shoe horn to keep the backs from bending and definitely try and clean or shine your shoes based on their material; they won't just look better, but they'll last longer.

So how do you make shoes part of your personal style? Well you can go a bit crazy. There's some fantastic shoe makers out there and you can get some great casual looks at great prices.  Something as simple as a coloured soul on a canvas shoe, accented shoe laces on a traditional lace-up, or hand-made leather shoes with weathered or torn finishes can really make a statement. 

If you like to keep our footwear basic, then opt for some really fun and colourful socks, a great hat, or a the perfect weekend bag to finish off your look. Whatever you decide, the key is to have fun and not worry so much about what's in style but what you like... oh one very important thing, those rubber flip-flops - only for the pool or the beach. Just sayin'!

The male accessory

Trying to identify a sense of style is often more difficult for men than it is for women. The options for men are more limited, pants and a shirt. So where do you go from there? Well I think a great way to create a sense of style is simply with shoes. Shoes can make a huge statement - let's face it they can make or break a suit, dress up a pair of jeans, take a pair of shorts from bum to the Hamptons - shoes can be that exclamation mark on a guy and it's the one thing women (and men), pay attention to on a man.

You can have a tonne of fun with shoes, but there's one really important rule - unless they are one-of-a-kind, try not to buy shoes at full price. Aside from your sneakers or work-out shoes, there are a few staples any man should try to have.