Cooking is and should be fun, so experimentation I think always makes for fun and tasty meals and usually yields a funny story to go along with it. Recipes will rotate periodically so chances are sooner or later that one dish you seek will be featured, but if you're craving it for that dinner party this weekend and I haven't featured a recipe for a dish you're interested in replicating - just drop me a note and I'll get it to you!


As humans we need to eat to live, and while there are many variations with regard to how and what we should eat, there's certainly little argument that most folks like tasty food.

You'll find that at Stovetop to Bowtie the focus is to keep it simple, fresh and free flowing. The dishes range from good and hearty to paleo and/or vegan versions of traditional fare but all focused on bringing out the best flavours in every dish.

I'll mix it up and feature a new recipe from each section every few days, just click the link icon to view that featured recipe!!!