Bourbon Old Fashioned

• 4 dashes Angostura Bitters
• 1 tsp Sugar (or 2 sugar cubes)
• 1 Orange wheel
• 1 Maraschino cherry
• Splash Club soda
• 2 oz Bourbon (Bulleit is my favourite)
In an Old Fashioned glass, muddle the bitters, sugar, orange wheel, cherry and a splash of soda. Remove the orange rind, add the bourbon and fill with ice. Garnish with a fresh orange wheel and cherry.

Thought I'd share my drink of choice

Ahhh the grand finale!  Most folks I know quite fancy dessert.  I myself am not that much into sweets, I usually get out of it by stating that I don't fancy things sweeter than me - yes that gets a good laugh - but a meal doesn't always have to end with a mound of sugar.  In fact, there are very many options to bring a bright conclusion to a meal.  Cheese, fruit, a great digestif or pousse-café can all be a fantastic way to close out a meal.

I think the last course can be the most fun, it gives you great room for experimentation and  provides a unique way to surprise your guests!

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