A big question is how to transition great food to the table in a way that best showcases your hard work, delicious food and sense of style.  
As with everything the same motto I think applies to presenting the ideal table - less is more.  

There are some things to always take into consideration that can help you create the perfect setting for your meal, whether it be brunch, lunch or a dinner party use the season to set the tone.  I'm a HUGE fan of dining al fresco and fortunate enough to live in a place with nearly perfect weather to eat al fresco most of the year.  
Bringing the dining experience outdoors gives you a huge advantage, it's already decorated!  Trees, flowers, and the perfect sky create a magnificent setting for any meal.  When you can't do al fresco, bring elements of the outside in… fresh flowers, herbs, natural elements always add simple sophistication to any table!

Some helpful hints:

• Rustic is in and can be made fun and whimsical just as easy as it can be elegant

• If you're doing an evening affair outdoors, lighting is everything and candles and white Christmas lights can be your friend

• Breakfast, lunch or brunch outdoors , keep your menu light

• Keep it interactive - buffet or family style is so much more fun when you're outdoors

• Use items from your garden to dress up your table - palm fronds as your runner or beautiful branch for your centerpiece 

• One great element of eating outdoors is that you can cook outdoors; your grill or outside oven are your BFF

• Always have a plan B. If you live in what I call weather volatile areas, have a back-up plan in case the weather changes. A canopy or covered pergola are great options to shield from sun or rain